We are bombarded by content from every angle, every day. We navigate it on the Internet, the radio, while watching TV, on mobile apps, and while commuting – it’s around every single corner, and on every single platform.

So, as a company, how do you ensure that the product or service you’re selling is being noticed by prospective consumers?

Digital can double your turnover

Digital marketing can help companies become more profitable, develop a predictable lead flow, and reach ideal audiences in a more influential way.

“Digital marketing added R20m to monthly turnover”

Property Developer

Listen to the consumer. They will tell you exactly what they want.

The face of sales has changed considerably with unrelenting growth in technology, and in response to consumer needs. Today’s consumer is educated, responsive, they know what they want, and they like to engage with you on their own terms.

No hard sell

Don’t overtly try and sell your product or service. Rather sell through making people feel engaged with your brand and your values. Consumers are well versed in sales talk and seek out transparency. They know when something is a sales pitch, so rather engage by providing trends, giving tips or offering value in other ways to steer potential buyers towards the end goal – the sale.

The most engaging story gets the sale

Marketers, dissatisfied with the performance of traditional display ads and digital marketing, are building meaningful customer relationships by telling stories, and not about themselves. Truly successful stories revolve around their customers and the interests and values they share.

It’s little wonder, then, that brands are hiring journalists and setting up their own content operations, and media companies are setting up content-creation studios to help brand marketers meet their objectives.

As a brand, you need to tell beautiful, evocative stories through use of clever statements, images and videos. Get the consumer’s attention by being authentic and trustworthy in your language. Creating moments that engage the consumer with an experience will be more valuable than creating mediocre content that they might stumble across amongst the sea of your competitors.

“Digital marketing filled our school”
Private schooling organisation

Offer value

Add value to your viewers. Expose potential customers to content that makes an impact and that makes them want to engage with your company or brand. Treat your content as a holistic storytelling tool, charming your viewer by use of quality material such as videos, direct website links to effective and user-friendly landing pages, and beautiful images. Share your content with the intention of creating conversation and user engagement, and not just sharing content for the sake of doing so.

Test, test and test again

It is very important to remain on top of your audience’s needs by regularly checking-in with the effectiveness of your business model and web analytics, making constant changes and tweaking strategy. A simple, yet effective tool is using A/B Testing, which compares two versions of a campaign (a landing page, copy, or images) to see which one is performing better.

Key is to leave the consumer feeling confident and satisfied, so that they can feel both safe to return and advise their networks to make use of your platform, product or service.

Don’t waste time or money posting to your company Facebook page

Given the recent changes made to the Facebook algorithm earlier this year, the age-old debate regarding paid versus organic social media marketing has become a lot more complex. By monitoring user content, the platform manages the information individual users see, and has moved back to a more personal experience by making content more relevant to your interests.

What this means for your company or business however is that there is very little chance of company page posts being seen organically.

One of the big changes made by Facebook over the last year is a return to a more person-to-person approach (what the platform was originally designed for), and steering away from a person-to-business approach. Facebook now prioritises the ‘social’ aspect of the platform (news from friends and family), over company page posts. This means that your company page post now finds itself competing for Newsfeed space amongst not only other company posts, but also the more ‘social’ posts that Facebook prioritises.

digital marketing

You might find yourself wondering then, how does your business still compete on the platform and receive marketing value?

“Digital marketing tripled our turnover”
Tile importer

Your followers are not neccesarily your clients

At Joburg Capital, we believe that page followers are not necessarily consumers. Writing content on your company Facebook page does not necessarily mean that it is viewed (or viewed by the right people) and that it turns into a sale. We would rather advise putting strategic budget into paid content that will grow your business profile in a more sustainable, workable way.

Accountability means following the results

Track your results. Don’t rely on vanity metrics such as numbers of likes and followers, but rather track your real conversations through sales leads, enquiries, phone calls, or whatever your business might regard as a measure of success.

Brilliant targeting gets results

You need to understand exactly what drives your viewer to engage with your website, and what makes them take that final step to conversion.

It is a well-known fact that most Facebook followers “like” everything, but they won’t commit to buying. If your business really wants to reach your target market, then putting money behind paid marketing is the only way to go.

“Selling online changed my business”
Fashion retailer

Online shopping

Understanding how to market an online shop is the most important digital marketing challenge current businesses face.

Joburg Capital Agency, Johannesburg

Your bottom line is our focus. We deliver value, measurable results and enhance revenue.

Our goal is to help companies become more profitable, develop a predictable lead flow, and reach ideal audiences in a more influential way. ​

We’re interested in what digital can deliver in a real, measurable way – how it can add greater value and drive profitability. This is why our key performance indicators are tied directly to the areas that are most important to our clients.

With unrelenting attention to detail and a real interest in your business’ success, we offer client service driven digital marketing services and creative strategy to ensure you realise your lead or conversion goals in a transparent and effective manner.