Digital persuasion is an art form.

COVID-19 has sped up the movement, but it was inevitable that the success of all businesses would depend on their migration online. Upskilling to tackle a new online world was the most important goal in 2011 for Joburg Capital, and now the new world is here! There has been no slow easing into this digital realm – businesses have had to adopt an adapt or die mentality, and embrace an entirely new way of doing business and making money.

Like all marketing, digital marketing is complex. At its core is human psychology. The art of convincing is intricate, and even more so on what can be very impersonal platform – the Internet. If done right, digital marketing has the potential to double (even triple) a company’s turnover. The possibilities are endless.

But how do you make digital marketing personal and get real, measurable results?

The entire sales process needs to move online and needs to be tailored to every company and client. This means testing different strategies until the online lead channel flows with predictability and ease.

“Imagine a scenario where your business does almost no old school sales! No managing large sales teams in the field, no sales calls, email campaigns, conferences, and the like. All our sales are driven by digital awareness, marketing and advertising.”

Hugo Derksen, MD Linebooker – Joburg Capital client

Figuring out what is the most effective way to convince potential clients and customers, and how to persuade them to purchase, is the work of good digital marketing. This requires utilisation of the entire digital toolbox and finding the correct combination of factors that equal success.

Taking a business successfully online means that digital replaces a big portion of the traditional sales process.

Since our inception, Joburg Capital has been totally focused on creating digital strategies that bring measurable value to our clients.

The only goal we strive towards is to help companies, medium and large, become more profitable, develop a predictable lead flow, and reach ideal audiences in a more influential way. There is no other option for us but to be fundamentally invested in your business succeeding online, and persistently applying our skills and resources until this goal is achieved. Although thousands of followers and likes might look nice, we’re more interested in what digital can deliver in a real, measurable way – how it can add greater value and drive profitability, and how it will enable your business to survive and thrive in a post-COVID-19 world. This is why our key performance indicators are tied directly to the areas that are most important to our clients.

“Our partnership with Joburg Capital has put our business in a position where we do not have salespeople – We only have key account managers that handle the “sales” function if customers make contact via any of our digital marketing channels.”

Nick Hoffman, COO Linebooker

As an agency, we are totally invested in every client’s bottom line. We deliver value, measurable results and enhance revenue. For us, every online business’s success is make or break.

This is what we have learned in almost 10 years:

  1. Digital marketing can double or triple a company’s turnover
  2. Selling via the Internet is one of the most important focus areas for all business today
  3. Top management must be part of the strategic process. If you are not prepared to collaborate and share ideas, or let go of the old “tried and tested” ways of doing business, it is inevitable that digital marketing will at best produce weak results.
  4. The process of figuring out the best method per company and product, and allowing momentum to build online takes time. Patience is key.
  5. Trust your marketing partner. If you enter into the digital marketing world because you feel forced to, or to save a failing business, the process will not work. If you don’t trust your marketing partner, find a new one.