“Your business cannot compete in today’s market without Digital Marketing!”

Nick Hoffman, COO & Founder Linebooker

“Joburg Capital created a competitive edge for us that we believe is responsible for the incredible success we’ve had over the last 12 months. Imagine a scenario where your business does almost no old school sales! No managing large sales teams in the field, no sales calls, email campaigns, conferences, and the like. All our sales are driven by digital awareness, marketing and advertising.

“I was never a believer in the efficacy of digital marketing in my 20 plus years at senior levels in large corporate businesses. Now I cannot see how a business can survive without a consistent, and strategic, digital marketing presence.”

Hugo Derksen, Managing Director Linebooker

Having a robust and appropriate digital presence on all the major media platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, News24, Fin24, Daily Maverick, Google) can change the dynamic from chasing potential customers to having customers come to you. This is certainly true for us – the way we gather leads and sell has completely changed for us because of our successful digital marketing.

When a potential client reacts to your digital marketing material and makes contact with you, the conversion process and initial sales discussion is so much easier. You know there is interest in your service and this removes the initial defensiveness. Conversion of customers is much faster with a 90% conversion rate. Big clients that weren’t on our radar have also contacted us, so digital marketing really expands a company’s reach beyond a sales’ teams inherent biases.

“Our partnership with Joburg Capital has put our business in a position where we do not have salespeople – We only have key account managers that handle the “sales” function if customers make contact via any of our digital marketing channels.”

Nick Hoffman, COO Linebooker

In my pre-digital marketing life, I thought digital marketing was just for business to consumer, and that large corporate customers would not respond to a digital advert. I was proven wrong – our sales are business-to-business and we’ve signed several of our biggest corporate clients via digital awareness. In hindsight, it all makes sense to me. I spend vast amounts of time on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, News24, etc. and I see and read business content regularly. If the content marketed to me is engaging and pertinent, I respond.

Joburg Capital not only manage the visual and storytelling aspect of digital marketing so well but understand the strategic and targeting aspect as well, if not better. Our ads are targeted to a select group of people that meet certain criteria, and we are then in a position to measure reach and reaction on the content distributed. We can measure how much traction every Rand spent on digital marketing created, and this transparency is extremely important. Like all businesses, we want to know what the impact is on the bottom line, and Joburg Capital offers this kind of analysis and deep understanding of digital marketing.”

Who is Linebooker

Transport innovation company Linebooker has revolutionised transport and logistics in Southern Africa. Linebooker is South Africa’s first and largest online transport platform that allows customers to connect with the largest fleet in SA – more than 261 major transport companies and over 11600 trucks – within 30 minutes. Current customers include some of South Africa’s major blue-chip companies and brands, mega farmers, and mining businesses.

Patrice Motsepe’s African Rainbow Capital (ARC) expanded their investment in Linebooker in August 2020. It completed a second-round investment in Linebooker that will support its growth ambitions over the short to medium term.